About us

1996 – 2001 Start-up stage
Lucrarile de hidroizolatii au predominat in primii 5 ani de existenta ai companiei HIDRO SALT B92, prima lucrare executata de societate, cu cei doi angajati de atunci, fiind la SARAH CAFÉ. In anul 2001 insa, HIDRO SALT B92 ajunge in top 3 firme conform Oficiului Registrului Comertului la categoria lucrari de hidroizolatii si constructii. Tot atunci incepe un proces de diversificare a domeniilor de activitate, compania asumandu-si lucrari tot mai complexe, inclusiv instalatii termice si electrice.

2001- 2011 Growth stage
In ciuda crizei financiare la nivel mondial, reflectata dramatic si in Romania, in anul 2011 societatea a atins numarul de 100 de angajati. Preocuparea constanta a HIDRO SALT B92 este centrata pe functionarea corespunzatoare a departamentelor tehnice si de productie–executie la capacitate maxima, precum si respectarea specificatiile tehnice ale proiectelor, normele tehnice norme si normative in vigoare.

2011 – 2020 Expansion/Maturity stage
Today the company has a total number of 255 employees among which more than a hundred are of Vietnamese origin. The company also uses prison labour. We seek innovative solutions in allocating human resources according to the specific nature of each contract, but our team, the one that gives us added value, is made up of highly-educated specialists well-qualified in the execution process and having a vast experience.
In cei aproape 25 de ani de la infiintare, societatea a executat aproximativ 750.000,00 mp de hidroizolatii, dar diversificarea portofoliului de lucrari si de beneficiari a devenit mai recent una dintre preocuparile constante ale managementului.

THE VISION assumed by the management of the company derives from the values that guide us: Economic Performance and Technical Efficiency. By materializing this aspect, we will become a significant holding at regional level, a strategic actor in civil engineering or building sector and a reliable partner for state institutions or private companies.

HIDROSALT B92ʼs MISSION HIDRO SALT B92 se poate rezuma la
1)responsibility in planning and execution,
2)attention to technical details,
3)consideration for the beneficiary.

1)to boost the quality of the works for all the activity areas of the company,
2)to minimize the overall impact on the environment with applied building procedures,
3)to optimize resources and processes,
4)to create an internal participatory management,
5)to comply with technical requirements, specific regulations and legal obligations.